Imagine being able to explain to customers that when they choose your shop, the resale value of their vehicle will be higher and they will have a nationwide warranty.
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What our AMP shops are saying...

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Darryl Lockwood
Lockwood Autobody
Every day we were loosing customers to less qualified shops, who do cheap substandard repairs. Now with APMBureau we can show customers a measurable difference that customer quickly understand.
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Jack Dessena
Dougs Place Auto Body
We have been on the AMP program for 5 years and have had decent success with the program, but its not like a DRP program they don’t send you work, you have to use the materials they provide to educate customer why they should choose you.
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Jody Gatchal
AJ Collision
We have customers driving across the state right past many of our competitors to come to us because We are one of the only AMP certified shops in the state of AR.
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Mark Higgins
F-ing love this program, I usedAMP to land several DRP’s who were dragging their heals in signing with us. When they understand that AMP helps to reduce diminished value...slam dunk!
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Chase Maxwell
Uber Auto Body
In the last year we have landed several new fleet accounts because they understand the importance of a higher resale value.
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Tarrance Barkly
Mixed results, We do a ton of dealer work for the service lanes and the dealers are now recommending us more then ever because of the AMP warranty, but when it comes to trading in the vehicle some are only increasing their trade in evaluation up a little bit, while others are really passing along the resale value on to the customer.
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Terry Bullock
This is a scam!!! I’ve tried to get on the AMP program for 2 years and keep getting rejected because “I don’t qualify” the other shop in town keeps stealing my customers because the are certified.